Tarot de Marseille _ performance for a single listener

"Tarot de Marseille" is a performance-concert preformed for a single listener at a time by Swiss saxophonist Laurent Estoppey.
It began in 2004 in Switzerland and has been presented about 40 times to date.
It is played in private homes or as a guest performance at various festivals.
« Structurally, "Tarot of Marseille" is a piece for soprano saxophone solo by English composer Charles Dakin. It consists of 22 parts (major arcana of the Tarot) whose order is drawn by the listener. In this manner, the place of the show and the order of the 22 pieces are unique at each concert. The venue might be at the home of the listener or that of the performer. we might also find ourselves in another place. Each concert is free. However, the listener may pay a sum of money that will be used to produce a final disc. After the ultimate performance (after weeks? Months? Years? After twenty times? Hundred times? More?) a disc will be given free to all listeners who have participated. it will not be sold or otherwise distributed. Each concert lasts about 25 minutes. You can contact me for an appointment at +1 336 554 5886 or e-mail address laurentestoppey@bluewin.ch »
A video produced by the Swiss newspaper, L’Express is visible:

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